能吃的織品、食物、可能還有電路板在裡面?Edible Textile, Food, Perhaps With Circuits too?

能吃的織品、食物、可能還有電路板在裡面?Edible Textile, Food, Perhaps With Circuits too?

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Kombucha Leather Tryouts

Also wanne go more into the kombucha leather production as well. So far what I have been using to make my kombuha hydrophobic was shellac or bees wax which is locally available her. mmmh shellack is not (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellac) but the locals here use it for carneval mask production
Fasnacht Schelllack

Shelllack has good properties, still testing about the surface and felxibility condition and how long it is lasting in a good condition. I have three different approaches tested out.
- Glycerin --> stays soft, feels humid but is not, is not water repellant
- shellack --> makes a shiny water repellant surface.
- glycerin and shellac --> flexible more soft and water repellant.

I have been experimenting with it and it so far is not bad, both the bees wax and the shellack. Bees wax is quit modular on the surface structure, in means with applied heat will be possible to modulate the texture of the surface. Using bees wax is inspired by the zero-wast wrapping foil: https://www.beeswrap.com/ and its a local product.

I am now testing to imbody flexible circuits into two layers of kombucha and see if we can fuse another dried kombucha leather, sandwiche layer by melting them together with rewetten the kombucha.

Dried State Dry Kombucha Like A Piece Of Cloth Hanging Installation 2 Hanging Installation Kombuch Folded Careful Of Bubbles Kombucha Pellicule Oil And Glycerin On Surface Oil And Glycerin On Surface With Shellack Kombucha Testing Kombuch And Lasercut Experiment

here also simple play around with kombucha leather and leftover SND-Electronics
IMG 20200806 173236 IMG 20200806 173218 IMG 20200804 174947

more links:

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