能吃的織品、食物、可能還有電路板在裡面?Edible Textile, Food, Perhaps With Circuits too?

能吃的織品、食物、可能還有電路板在裡面?Edible Textile, Food, Perhaps With Circuits too?

Re: If you are interested in Kombucha, mutation and remote data communication

Here is the memos Ed and Chenyu was talking about ideas to use kombucha for a imaginary performance, so i asked around and got some feedbacks from Marc and Zohar about how to read kombucha digitally so we will have some data for art purpose.

On the other hand we were also talking about how to connect the banana fibre Kamalan community (新社)by alternative approaches therefore a long term relationship can be established (of course this is just a discussion).

Few random ideas from Ed: maybe we could document the local EMF status of those Kamalan community by setting up some coil antenna devices there?

We also talked about what could be the possible ways to actually benefit the culture source which is the makers of the community.

1. A very easy way to read whats in your chemical by setting up one led and one LDR. Usually the more stuffs in your chemical the less LDR will receive, because the matter absorbs lights. So you might get some interesting curve by reading your kombucha with LDR. you can of course use the same gears to measure other stuffs.
OpenFiberSpectromer Inside1 768x389

2. The other similar case but only to amplify the reading into sound format

Screen Shot 2020 10 25 At 8.30.49 PM Screen Shot 2020 10 25 At 8.31.05 PM

3. And since Ed works with a bit machine learning, the LDR reading reminds me the Mubu in max/msp (if you use max you can download it in package), it recognize sounds like claps, shouting, violins, and sometimes a short period analog signal samples can also be recognized as "sound", here is an example i use a CCTV to recognize 3 pictures.
Screen Shot 2020 10 25 At 8.37.12 PM

4. A paper about conventional knowledge of Kombucha properties (but in Mandarine):