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What do we do?

Tribe Against Machine is an attempt to link art, hacker culture, material science, and ancient culture. It seeks inspiration for material design in ancient practices. Although this project was originated from the collaboration between technology and tribal culture, we prefer "tribes" "And "machine" mean a broader interpretation of "unhomogenized group" and "system"! The project includes organizing workshops, such as nomadic "camps" in cooperation with international volunteers from all over the world, or material experiment workshops in cooperation with traditional craft communities, using cultural and artistic forms to find translations in different cultural and temporal dimensions. It is wonderful to create a community that “connects the past and the future”; for example, the knowledge of the botany of the Taiwanese tribes has brought inspiration for the design of biological textiles, and the application of conductive fibers has inspired traditional craftsmen. The construction of greenhouses in the developing regions has proposed the possibility of technological art participating in social design projects and so on.

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