78 染敏電池策展文字        

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本材料由一個和天然染色有關的太陽能技術製成,染敏太陽能是瑞士科學家Michael Grätzel在1988年的發明,是一種低成本且製作相對容易的薄膜太陽能技術,他的主要構成有三個部份,一是由透明導電氧化物製成的透明光電極,通常是玻璃或是PET,第二是電解質,第三是奈米二氧化鈦薄層,其有高度多孔的結構,因此有非常高的表面積,由於二氧化鈦只吸收一小部份的太陽光,因此藉由將二氧化鈦層染色後,可以大幅的提高其光吸收波段,一般產品為了達到可商用的光轉換率,因此使用的都是特製的合成染料,但是我們也可以利用天然植物將二氧化鈦層染色。這塊染敏太陽能使用的色素來自薯莨,其汁液為深紅棕色,並富含單寧酸和膠質,分布在台灣、越南、琉球以及中國大陸的四川、湖南、廣東、福建、江西、廣西、西藏、貴州、雲南、浙江等地,生長於海拔 350 公尺至 1,500 公尺的地區,多生長於山坡、闊葉林中、河谷邊的雜木林中、灌叢中、路旁和林邊。早期曾被台灣漁民用來為棉麻製的漁網染色,因其充沛的膠質所以能在漁網上形成抗氧化層並防止海水腐蝕。薯莨也能用來染製一般的天然纖維,和作為藥用植物。

This material is made by a type of solar technology related to natural dyeing. Dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) was invented by Swiss scientist Michael Grätzel in 1988. It is a low-cost and relatively easy-to-manufacture thin-film solar technology. Its main components are three parts: One is a transparent photoelectrode made of a transparent conductive oxide, usually glass or PET, the second is an electrolyte, and the third is a thin layer of nano-TiO2, which has a highly porous structure and therefore a very high surface area, due to Titanium dioxide only absorbs a small range of spectrum in sunlight, so by dyeing the titanium dioxide layer with other plants dye or synthetic dye, can greatly improve its light absorption band. In order to achieve a commercial light conversion rate, special synthetic dyes are usually employed, but we can also dye the titanium dioxide layer using natural plants. The pigment used in this DSSC comes from Shulang Yam (Dioscorea matsudai Hayata), with juice in dark reddish-brown and rich in tannins and colloid. It is distributed in Taiwan, Vietnam, Ryukyu and Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Tibet, Guizhou, Yunnan, Zhejiang and other places grow in areas with an altitude of 350 meters to 1,500 meters. In the early days, it was used by Taiwanese fishermen to dye cotton and linen fishing nets. Because of its abundant colloid, it can form an antioxidant layer on the fishing net and prevent seawater corrosion. Shulang Yam can also be used to dye general natural fibers, and as a medicinal plant.

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